Appliance repair

We specialise in the repair of hospitality and commercial appliances. We have provided service agent work for top brands such as; Rational, Moffatt and Robot Coupe. Recon Electrical has the technical background to quickly diagnose and repair your faulty hospitality equipment.

We have extensive experience working in the kitchens and prep areas of restaurants, cafés, bakeries, butchers, supermarkets and commercial kitchens in hospitals and prisons. From donut machines to brat pans. From bandsaws to bread slicers. You can be confident that Recon Electrical has the broad knowledge base to repair your faulty appliances.

Preventative maintenance

We understand the significance of downtime on your equipment. So when the dishwasher has more water leaking out of it than inside it, your sous chef becomes the dishwasher and the orders start piling up. If your deck oven is burning the bread on top, but the bottom is still doughy, do you adjust the temperature and try it again? Recon Electrical likes to stress the importance of regular preventative maintenance of all equipment. A five minute look around can save your business time, money and stress.